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Apr 30 2020
"The whole series is very nice, but this book stands out as one of the best. It depicts the protagonist so he can be seen both as a hero and a villain. The ending was very well written--sad, but deeply touching." Permalink
orange_owl_449 made a comment Apr 30 2020
"Another great book! I love how tui is able to make you see both sides of the argument. On the one hand you realize how the leafwings feel they need to avenge their ancestors, on the other you see that starting the tree wars all over again is not a..." Permalink
orange_owl_449 rated a title Sep 25 2019
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orange_owl_449 made a comment Sep 25 2019
"So...yeah, I can see the reason this is only three stars. To be truthful, it's wrecking my imagination of the WOF world. I honestly like my imagination much better. The normal books are good and that's enough." Permalink
orange_owl_449 made a comment Dec 01 2018
"I am a pinball fanatic. And I loved this book. Anyone who wants to learn anything about pinball should read this." Permalink
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